Post PC Trip: Part III

Following the marathon, I headed to Maribor, the second biggest city in Slovenia. Actually, if I am being honest, I hobbled there. Avoiding stairs at all cost for the next few days, my legs slowly began to feel normal again. Maribor is home to one of the biggest shopping malls in Slovenia and so I spent an afternoon checking out the stores. If you know me, it’s no surprise that I spent a majority of my time walking around the HUGE grocery store that was attached to one end. By far the biggest supermarket I have been in since leaving America, I sauntered around and stared at the separate counters for cheese, meats, bread, sandwiches, coffee, desserts and other delicacies. As I headed toward the exit, feeling as though I was officially in civilization again, I almost took a picture of an escalator. I stopped myself because I realized that would be a very strange thing to do. Right? My scale of normalcy is so skewed, I am not even sure it’s working anymore.


Other than nice stores, clean buses, bathrooms that don’t make you cringe, numerous garbage cans and no water schedule, the biggest shock I have experienced is crosswalks. For the past two years of my life, I have become adjusted to cars having the right of way. As a pedestrian you absolutely did not step in front of a moving vehicle to cross the street. You would get run over. As I made my way through Slovenia, I began noticing the copious amount of crosswalks. They were everywhere and if I was waiting to cross the road, a car would stop for me and wait. What an amazing concept! I have to admit, I still do not trust drivers, and I continue to stand there until the car has come to a complete stop. Resulting in the occupants staring at me like I am an idiot. Bear with me American drivers, it’s a bit of an adjustment!

A few days later, I headed to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Known as the next next Prague (According to Rick Steves anyway), it is a small and picturesque city. Ideal for walking around, it contains numerous cafes and restaurants situated along the river. A castle overlooks the buildings that belong to the 270,000 residents. I spent the rest of the week walking around, learning about Slovenian history and meeting people at my hostel. One evening I sat amongst eight other backpackers who were also traveling alone. Originating from America, Canada, Germany, Croatia, Korea, Australia and a few places in between, our backgrounds and professions were just as varied. As local wine was passed around, we shared trip plans and traded travel stories. A passion for traveling seems to provide a cohesiveness that offers an instant sense of comfort amongst strangers.

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I am constantly searching for my next adrenaline adventure so you can imagine how excited I was to head to mountains of Slovenia. As their only national park, Triglav is home to an abundance of adrenaline based tour companies. Within one day you can travel to the highest pass of the Julian Alps, trudge through snow, continue through the park and by the afternoon, be swimming on the banks of the Soca River. That is exactly what I planned to do during the four days I spent there. Unfortunately, my time in the park can be summed up with one picture…

I did take advantage of the bad weather for a day and a half where I curled up indoors, hogging the Wi-Fi and laundry machines. At that point I reached my limit of ignoring the outdoors and set out to explore. I wasn’t going to let a little rain, or a lot in this case, stop me from hiking the beautiful untouched countryside of Bled.

11357152_10206977474061154_1642475334623955436_o 11336881_10207001234095140_6006373329605424442_o 11337035_10207001232335096_6165559956828047443_o 11253604_10207001233935136_7559269736361802317_o 11251054_10207001231255069_8082203346325787858_o 11228139_10206977469581042_2106233700260547412_o 11263971_10206977523102380_4135423868566674692_n 11090946_10206977472861124_671186285803519390_o 11059968_10206977473821148_2097851117814459900_o
Luckily, the last day I spent in Slovenia cleared up enough to join a group of other tourists for a full day of sightseeing in the park. We drove on some very windy roads, which provided us the most beautiful views of the mountains. For lunch, I was able to try a local specialty of river trout. Which provided my native Slovenian guide entertainment as he watched me try to pick through the bones, obviously having no idea what I was doing. Eventually we made our way to the riverside so we could all go whitewater rafting. They grade rivers on a scale from 1-5, with five being the most difficult. The river we were on was a level 3, which was perfect since most of us were first-timers. I had an amazing time and cannot wait to go again!

10531432_10207001229055014_4789633854007566073_o 1798977_10207001234895160_2928764866279022338_o 11337035_10207001235055164_7944459281377280003_o 11246985_10207001238695255_8342120931558099210_o 11270671_10207001237815233_2717725526618723986_o 11083814_10207001236855209_6420454399836061538_o 10931158_10207001237855234_4716890164311096789_o 11155004_10207001238535251_9129509833577236481_o 11174363_10207001236015188_5319235366552148635_o10403742_10207001238895260_4284703935947504325_o 10872775_10207001241055314_1181845357876877732_o 11270453_10207001239735281_7272700132273688962_o 11270395_10206977472261109_6647627902574295871_o 11212736_10207001241415323_2047536564326451221_o 11112447_10207001243255369_6307783788268971265_n 11139991_10207001243415373_1169512282462330563_n 11102684_10207001228094990_700939466012972628_n 11288977_10207001242535351_2190428177567250865_o

Slovenia is known as a country that loves sports and the outdoors. I was constantly reminded of that as I made my way from one end of the country to the other. In the Triglav National park, there is a ski slope that sits on the southeastern border. It allows you to ride the lift up, ski down the opposite side into Italy and return for a cup of coffee in Slovenia. All while soaking up the awe inspiring Julian Alps. The very idea of that perfect day will undoubtedly be calling my name to return in the future.


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