Post PC Trip: Part I 

My post Peace Corps trip had finally arrived. It all became a reality when I crossed the border into Montenegro. The taxi driver shot me a sideways look and immediately told me to put my seat belt on. They actually hand out tickets here, he remarked, followed by a hearty chuckle. I had to shake my head a bit as I stared at the lack of garbage on the ground and the perfectly paved roadway that stretched before me. Good riddance Albania!
My first stop was Kotor, Montenegro. It is a beautiful little city, located on a bay directly off the Adriatic. In the midst of my tapering weeks of marathon training, I arrived at the hostel and set out for one of my last longer runs. Having a set running schedule for traveling can get a little annoying. However, I quickly realized it is the best way to see a new city and get my bearings. Plus, I can think of a lot worse views to run to than this…
The most scenic thing to do in Kotor, is climb to the top of the nearby hill and stand at the fortress overlooking the whole city. It felt like a thousand steps were involved and unbeknownst to me, it was setting the tone for the rest of my trip. Everywhere I would be visiting, contained “Old Towns” which I now translate to cobblestoned streets with a copious amount of steps. Don’t get me wrong, all of these places are beautiful, but I became quite happy I had spent the last four months marathon training. It came in handy for times other than just race day.
Overlooking the bay of Kotor.

Overlooking the bay of Kotor.

Steps everywhere!!

Steps everywhere!!

Moving on to Croatia the next day, made vacation seem much more realistic. Before leaving America, I had been told the coast of Croatia is one of the most beautiful areas of the world. I am happy to say that it did not disappoint. I spent a total of ten days traveling around to four different cities and four islands.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The old town of Dubrovnik was quite magical. The cobblestone streets intersected with picturesque alleyways. Most of which were lined with flowerpots, clotheslines and cats sleeping in the sun. It was the perfect city to just walk around and explore.

11036257_10206900967828546_9153828518533553467_n  11196284_10206900970908623_8721408782145162949_n 11224487_10206900192329159_2550988967661503908_n 11236158_10206900215049727_4889334710751919595_n 11245489_10206900225769995_6653900582149910701_n 11245508_10206900969748594_3999855597041285930_n 11252173_10206900221729894_6358986693028898480_n 11209757_10206900204769470_967245538799818619_n

The island of Hvar was even more beautiful than I had imagined. It was my first time experiencing the island life and it was a nice break from reality and big city life. Plus, I was there at the ideal time. In July and August, the city is flooded with tourists, putting a crazy vibe on an otherwise relaxing place.


Kayaking to the Pakleni islands may have been my favorite part of the trip thus far!

11209651_10206900972948674_7792712687779816628_n 11202862_10206900972508663_5219786067601933171_n


Island hopping tour

11255785_10206900338132804_4863572830091180396_n 11255810_10206900968948574_6545199981701139237_n 11233519_10206900324252457_118428127539668021_n 11216576_10206900321532389_6542391020980232123_n 11203042_10206900244250457_8177503727037177230_n 11181848_10206900975668742_3766446016467562846_n 11165286_10206900368773570_7433872927874558466_n 11034198_10206900353293183_7807553504575558611_n 10923443_10206900391134129_341110975276452614_n 10559797_10206900195249232_2695921261677705460_n 10425399_10206900238130304_4668324740704972044_n 21108_10206900336692768_4082624978735658196_n

In the midst of my time in Croata, I planned a day trip to the neighboring country of Bosnia & Herzegovina. A bus brought my tour group to Mostar, the capital of Bosnia. A local guide walked us around to see the highlights of the city. In May, it had already reached 90 degrees. Again, I was thankful to not be there in July or August, when temperatures climb to 110 degrees and higher. No thank you!

11011076_10206900263050927_6607210663425673987_n 11151026_10206900279931349_5696070574022346621_n 11206011_10206900261010876_6289045323773489031_n 11233487_10206900262730919_3899745195270894826_n 11233487_10206900282531414_8360490265305045959_n

The last coastal city I visited was Zadar. They have a beautiful old town, along with numerous parks dotting the town. It is also home to the worlds first pipe organ thats played by the sea.  Thirty five stone steps end in whistles. When the sea pushes air through- depending on the size of the wave- different chords are played. It was beautiful to listen to and also was the perfect place to watch the world renowned sunsets.

11205505_10206900404654467_2693021740934121820_n 10409242_10206900415734744_5848011431729531680_n 1625500_10206900439815346_1275381983986370170_n 22327_10206900420494863_6052285318511190373_n


Before leaving Croatia, I made a quick stop at Plitvice Lakes National Park.It is one of the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe and the largest park in Croatia and quite famous for its sixteen lakes arranged in cascades.


I met some really great fellow Americans on the trip. It made wandering through the park a lot more fun!


Of course, more steps…

905612_10206977456660719_854307733823462516_o 10857180_10206977458100755_6357996542195387214_o 11041644_10206977459220783_5937124980210272902_o 11109802_10206977457220733_1930536570749331053_o 11119409_10206977455060679_8001623479592104733_o 11270256_10206977454020653_6473698065681301128_o 11270271_10206977453340636_5881483104819135076_o 11312757_10206977460220808_3181193258208121433_o 11312907_10206977460820823_4007665891040316769_o

Waiting at a bus stop in the woods. On to the  capital!

Waiting at a bus stop in the woods. On to the capital!

My last stop in Croatia was the capital city of Zagreb. I have always been partial to the smaller towns and national parks. Which usually means capital cities are not my favorite. However, it was a good resting point before moving on to Slovenia.

11013244_10206977461940851_6719423939980107971_o 11053457_10206977463380887_2961151098237000491_o 11143574_10206977461180832_1302732033987825716_o 11254162_10206977463100880_2372339618641251350_o 11263123_10206977462140856_5444967990900323619_o 11334036_10206977463700895_6489396845534448534_o10881562_10206977514742171_2452869153966804112_n

Two and a half weeks into my trip and the biggest thing I noticed was my lousy sense of direction. The amount of time I spend walking around lost in new cities borders on the side of ridiculous. But, I always find my way to where I am going. Plus, some might say that wandering aimlessly is part of the fun!


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