Valentines Day Traditions

Last year, I distinctly remember I spent Valentine’s day cleaning the mold from my apt and watching a gory war movie. Thankfully, I spent this year celebrating a bit differently. I started off the weekend with an impromptu trip to Tirana with my sitemates. I soon realized the capital city isn’t so bad when you go with friends. We spent the day eating bagels, consuming fancy coffee drinks and relishing in the luxuries of movie theaters. A welcome change from sitting in my icebox of an apartment and studying for the GRE.

Being photobombed by some Albanians

Being photobombed by some Albanians


Fresh squeezed fruits and vegetables for $1!!

image6 (1) image7 image8 (1) image9


Upon returning to Permet, the youth council and I dove head first into finishing up the details of their fundraiser. They had decided to plan another movie day, inviting kids from the high school to watch a Nicholas Sparks movie. In the spirit of Valentines day, even the boys were on board to watch this “chick flick”. Throughout the week, we periodically stopped at the cultural center to make sure everything was working with the TV and speakers. Everything seemed to be in order and ready to go. Some of the girls even baked heart shaped cookies and bought other snack options.

The day of the event, the kids and I arrived an hour before the movie time to set up. We plugged the USB into the TV and nothing happened. We then tried the dvd player. Again nothing. One of the boys ran home to retrieve a cord to allow us to plus his phone into the tv and watch the movie that way. It still didn’t work. As the movie start time approached, it quickly passed by. For the next half hour, we had way too many cooks in the kitchen, as we tried to get the movie on screen. I stood in the corner, kept my fingers crossed and tried to keep the boys from getting out of control. Thankfully, a half an hour later, we finally got the movie working. Better late than never!

The Youth Council was able to raise a good chunk of money for their club. With each fundraiser we do, they are becoming more responsible and proactive. It has been fun to sit back and watch each of them slowly grow into their own kind of leader. Each member contributes their own unique qualities to the group. I am very proud of them and can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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