Training Success

November and the beginning of December was devoted to organizing a training seminar at the Permet hospital. The date and time were changed more than once, which in itself was no surprise. Furthermore, the lack of certainty when planning anything here and the communication barrier, had me in a state of frenzy.

Fortunately, I had around $200 from a grant I had written, to fund the seminar.This provided some relief to my ever haggard nerves. I devoted a chunk of the money to paying for the nurse’s transportation costs. Most of the 22 nurses, were traveling from nearby villages. The rest of the money was spent on materials for the training. The largest part of my material budget was spent on 100 page manuals for each village. Printing front-to-back page manuals here turned out to be a 3 day process. THREE DAYS to print 9 manuals. In itself, that was frustrating enough. In addition, I knew how easy that would have been in America, and I wanted to scream from the mountain tops. Or just sit down and cry.


Finally, the big day had arrived!! Our main topic for the seminar, was teaching the nurses how to deliver a successful and interactive health lesson to their community. With this is mind, Monika and I planned an activity plan format, followed by a mini lesson using that example. Our mini lesson topic was focused on Domestic Violence.



Full house, with everyone arriving on time!

Full house, with everyone arriving on time!

I thank my lucky stars, that Monika committed to helping me plan and run this training. Tackling anything here is much less daunting when you have another volunteer by your side. Plus, then you have someone to laugh with when things go wrong. Despite that, training day held no disasters, big or small. Everyone showed up on time and seemed to pay attention the entire morning.

Huge thanks to our translater

Huge thanks to our translater

My Permet Clan

My Permet Clan


It wouldn’t be Albania, if we didn’t include a coffee break.

DSC06181 DSC06179

My coworkers were extremely pleased with the entire day and I walked away from the hospital with a budding sense of pride. In spite of a few small bumps in the road, the overall result was a huge success. Finally having a project work out, gave me a small boost of confidence. As well as, further hope for my remaining months in Albania.

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