Remember to Dance

All of my grant writing has finally produced some results!! I have been awarded money to fund a nurses training in December! The workshop will bring 34 nurses from surrounding villages, to Permet. I am planning to focus on a “training of trainers” theme. We will teach the women how to deliver successful and interactive health presentations to their communities.

image5 image6

My coworkers and I met with a few women from the hospital to discuss the training. The first ten minutes were spent discussing what kind of magical cream I rub on my teeth to whiten them…

It's called toothpaste, people!!

It’s called toothpaste, people!!

Once we got past that very important subject, we started planning what the training should involve. I described how a grant works and that we have close to $200 to spend. After a half an hour discussion with disagreements on how to use the money, my coworkers elected to spend it on music for dancing and fast food.


I explained why that would not be a good use of our funds. However, Albanians can be kind of hard headed and they stared at me like I sucking all of the fun out of this event. Why I wouldn’t want live music for dancing at this event?! Needless to say, there are going to be some unforeseen challenges with this training.

image4 image2 image1

Saturday was also Orientation day for Permet’s first ever youth council. A few weeks ago, Jackie and I handed out applications in the school. We only received three applications from the kids, and found our group to be smaller than anticipated. Both of us were on unknown ground, and accepted the small group as a blessing in disguise. For now. Hopefully, as the club continues, there will be increased interest.


We spent the first day getting to know each other and discussing how we could make Permet a better city.

DSC06139 DSC06141 DSC06142 DSC06145


Work has been going well, but that is not the most exciting thing to happen lately. Not even close. For the past three days, My water schedule has ceased to exist. This means I went from having water five hours a day to TWENTY FOUR hours a day!! Having a constant supply of water is extremely convenient and wonderful. In fact, it has been and will be the highlight of my month. Sometimes, the simple things are the most amazing!




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