Happy Halloween!

Halloween is slowly becoming more popular in Albania. Last year, I experienced the kids that acted like ravaged wolves, as I handed out candy. This year, the volunteers in a neighbor site, decided to make a small haunted house for their community. My sitemate and I were excited to help out and experience the chaos that was likely to accompany that many children.

Monika making some delicious apple pies

Monika making some delicious apple pies

We can be festive

We can be festive

Will getting ready

Will getting ready

Making scary posters!

Making scary posters!

I have been to quite a few haunted houses in the states, but I have never participated in actually scaring the kids. This year, I landed a spot as one of the main “events.” Lucky for the kids, my water schedule had been ridiculously short for the last three days, which meant my unwashed hair did a great job of looking zombie like.

DSC06107 10676155_10205390378184749_8496424886245623660_n DSC06110

Will and Monika, told the kids to come by their house at 5:30 pm. Starting around 3pm, there were periodic shouts from kids that were too excited to wait much longer. Not long after, a crowd began to form and we all began to wonder what we had just gotten ourselves into.


The crowd, slowly getting bigger


Some of the helpers

Some of the helpers


By 5pm, the kids were making so much noise, a small group of parents gathered across the street. They sat there and watched as we tried to control their children. Realizing they weren’t going to wait any longer, we began taking kids through, 5 at a time.

DSC06099 DSC06116 DSC06123 10365749_10100502630366986_2575672421734505708_n 10647029_10100502630521676_3323959489957514949_n DSC06133

The kids were so excited and hopped up on sugar that they were trying to climb the gate to get into the house.Thankfully, two older Albanian boys came to control the crowd. Without their help, it would have likely turned into a disaster.

1376388_10100502630302116_5613492421094930812_n DSC06132

We tried to limit each kid to walking through the house only one time. Some of them stealthily walked through two or three times, screaming and laughing just as loudly each trip. This was something they were going to be talking about for months. Sharing our culture with the kids here, no matter how big or small, is easily one of my favorite parts of service.


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