Saturday Morning Basketball

Permet has a high school basketball team. This isn’t extremely common throughout Albania. Especially, when you take into account, that this is a GIRLS team! Making opponents even fewer and farther between. A lot of times, they have to get a little creative about who they are playing for practice and for games. Which is how I found myself on an all boys team, facing off against high school girls. Is there a better way to spend a Saturday morning?

Practice Practice!

Practice Practice!

DSC05044 DSC05047 DSC05053 DSC05060

As we played, it brought back so many memories from high school. The past three months, I have been training for the Tough Mudder, so I thought I was in decent shape. HAHA. WRONG. Playing an entire basketball game delivered a HUGE reality check.

DSC05062 DSC05065 DSC05070 DSC05076 DSC05077 DSC05081 DSC05083

Our coaches!

Our coaches!

Luckily, we all survived the game, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. As we were thanking the coach, he cornered me into his recruiting corner. When I first arrived in Permet, he had gotten it into his head that I should play on their team. I had explained that I cannot do that. I am 25. And American. Even as I explained these reasons to him again, he wasn’t phased. He is one persistent Albanian! This winter, I am hoping to help out with practice and get to know the girls better. And if all goes well, I will keep making it out of there without a team jersey slapped on my back!

My team and the coach for the girls in the middle.

My team and the coach for the girls in the middle.

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