New Volunteers. New Family.

Whenever work, life and Albanian encounters get extremely frustrating, I start counting. Calculating in my head, the exact amount of days until I return to the infamous land of America. Where things are safe, expected and from what I remember: easy. As most volunteers know, you settle into this spot between uncomfortable and a hard place. I have forgotten what it is like to walk into a store and know exactly what and how you are getting something. Or ordering something on an actual menu and having no surprises. Or having safety regulations and food sanitation laws. Or speaking English. (Oh, how I miss that!)


But then I remember why I came here. This is the kind of adventure I was looking for as I went stir crazy in North Dakota. And of course, that along with the bad days, there are always good days. That I am not here to change the world. I am just here to try and make a positive impact on one person’s life.

I was recently given a GREAT read about finding your niche in life. I highly recommend checking it out:  The-Life-and-Times-of-A-Remarkable-Misfit

This past week, three new volunteers have settled into my neck of the woods.

DSC03896 DSC03899 DSC03938 DSC03943 DSC03946 DSC03947 DSC03950 DSC03952 DSC03953 DSC03954

As I have gotten to know them, I find myself breathing a little easier. These are people I truly enjoy being around and I can tell they are going to be an amazing support system. It’s exactly what I needed to remind myself to take in each day, crazy as it might be, and enjoy it. This is a once in a lifetime journey and I’m not going to waste it by wishing I was still in my comfort zone.

My new Peace Corps family

My new Peace Corps family


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