Christmas Eve in Vienna

After a few months of anticipation, my Christmas trip had finally arrived! I was in need of a little break after teaching for two weeks in the schools. Part of me couldn’t believe that the end of the year had arrived. I couldn’t think of a better way to ring in the new year, than traveling with some great friends.
As you may have guessed from my numerous complaints, traveling in Albania is a tad frustrating. Since I live in the far south, any time I would like to fly, I need to venture to the capital city of Tirana. If we’re keeping score, my Christmas trip started out as a 9 hour journey to Milot. I left Permet at 7 am, had to run across town because I almost missed my bus. I am sure I was a sight for sore eyes as I was trying to sprint, lugging my backpack and purse and obviously out of breath. I made the bus and sat down with a satisfied smile. Off to a good start! My smile gradually disappeared as the furgon took off and I realized the driver didn’t know how to defrost his windows. For the first 1 1/2 of our journey, he continually wiped a small, volleyball sized hole, that he could peer through. The road to Permet is more or less, on the side of a mountain. You can’t see another car coming towards you until the last second as you round countless curves. Which is why, I sit in the back of the bus and don’t look up if I can help it. Or, I peer out the side windows and check out the cows, sheep and goats that might be grazing along the road. This morning however, I sat encased in a completely frosted over furgon and decided it might be best to close my eyes.
When I arrived in Tirana, 5 1/2 hours later, I met up with another volunteer that was coming on the trip with me. Emilie and I had lunch and then set out searching for a ride to our friends site, Milot. We ended up only being able to find a furgon to a nearby city but was told he would stop in the vicinity of MIlot so that we could get off. Well, we realized once we arrived in the neighboring city that he was not going to stop in Milot for us and we were now in a larger city nearby. After learning we were American, an Albanian girl started talking to us on the ride there and wanted to know everything about us. She also decided that she would take us under her wing once we arrived at the wrong city. She brought us to meet her family and have coffee, and then had her husband drive us to Milot. It is never a dull moment when traveling in Albania, you usually don’t know where or how  you will end up at your destination. Emilie and I had changed a lot since arriving in Albania. In PST we both would have been freaking out about heading to an unknown site. We both shrugged off the wrong turn and decided to just roll with it. That evening, we made it to Milot and met up with our other friends that were coming on the trip. We made lasagna, listened to 90’s music videos and somewhat patiently waited for our driver to pick us up at 1am to go to the airport. Our flight was taking off at 4:30 am and we were more than ready to leave Albania for a little while. At the airport we had hot chocolate and circle danced around the cafe to help liven up the waiters nights. It was obvious that they didn’t normally see a group of American girls circle dancing, speaking Albanian and asking for raki on very many shifts.
1530334_10151830718394147_2043149070_n 1497500_10151830604319147_1218638190_n 1511102_10151830604639147_2137868750_n
 A couple hours later we arrived in Vienna, all looking a little weary eyed but nonetheless, excited for our vacation. We found our hostel in Vienna, dropped off our bags and set out for some real American style breakfast and coffee. We found a perfect coffee bar and ordered some delicious coffees that literally lighted up our faces when they came out. Followed by bagels and free wifi; so far we were really liking Vienna.
1514996_10151830605019147_1209107617_n 1526342_10151830605104147_227380443_n 1545833_10151830718549147_2042339649_n
With the help of caffeine, we powered through the morning. We spent the day walking around the Christmas markets, enjoying first world comforts, touring the palace and Library, and of course, taking photos.
1526887_10151830605289147_933670408_n 1501798_10151830605924147_186514168_n 1482933_10151830605964147_1131848898_n 1526453_10151830605989147_712889732_n 1521475_10151830606394147_1623964485_n 1483257_10151830606799147_679725678_n 1555301_10151830608149147_497707128_n 1511004_10151830606979147_1423058265_n (1) 1477339_10151830608739147_995208034_n 946964_10151830608919147_1764725823_n 1512857_10151830609254147_209827689_n 1489269_10151830609274147_626629813_n 1557543_10151830609549147_460487848_n 1521237_10151830609949147_1698711231_n 1512351_10151830610449147_2125785735_n 1463232_10151830610399147_1990889883_n 1488040_10151830610779147_277615112_n 1536667_10151830611044147_294331109_n 1521368_10151830610429147_1840816323_n 1497514_10151830615179147_486142818_n 1512714_10151830615664147_1363501912_n 1524884_10151830615864147_1980419162_n 1507982_10151830616499147_591490056_n 1526969_10151830616674147_1950563434_n 1551623_10151830616679147_61043043_n 1521619_10151830616919147_1787233370_n 1536587_10151830617534147_1793309916_n 1521299_10151830618739147_1522100601_n 1521993_10151830619064147_1815879088_n 1545664_10151830619424147_1304016325_n 1526181_10151830619659147_1485366866_n 1546398_10151830619779147_1580156486_n 1486730_10151830620164147_497461778_n 1536443_10151830620974147_2028173025_n 1531885_10151830621609147_732603545_n 1502498_10151830619914147_476918253_n 1512789_10151830621999147_76590015_n
We were literally running on no sleep for over 30 hours and we started to show it. After a power nap at the hostel, we were ready to check out Vienna at night. We spent the rest of the evening walking around another market, drinking mulled wine and just enjoying the Christmas atmosphere.
1521422_10151830622494147_1278202761_n 1510795_10151830622569147_1399805179_n 1533785_10151830622679147_94010259_n 1488931_10151830622714147_1332968709_n 1510786_10151830622994147_1158328146_n 1526559_10151830623334147_1991736956_n 1545198_10151830623614147_263869774_n 1485096_10151830623954147_740031183_n 1526641_10151830623979147_1594666486_n 1528572_10151830627109147_1949321280_n
After a much needed full nights sleep, we awoke the next day ready for some more sightseeing. We went to the same cafe and ended up making friends with the waiter and decided to meet him and his friend at one of the markets that evening. He brought us free brownies at the end of our meal and succeeded in getting on our good side, as you all know, chocolate is the way to my heart!
1545223_10151830627564147_1206428799_n 1453409_10151830627629147_871914428_n

The following day, we mastered the subway and tram system. We saw the Ferris Wheel, more of the streets of Vienna and, of course, numerous Christmas markets. My favorite of which was the Naschmarket,  an entire market dedicated to all the food delicacies you could imagine.

1545937_10151830627944147_1795059205_n 1521294_10151830628424147_1009189870_n 1526933_10151830628459147_606226111_n 1530463_10151830628749147_1359540141_n 1546139_10151830628844147_1503611304_n 1497711_10151830628989147_845204204_n 1503955_10151830629164147_786425426_n 1525553_10151830629254147_38611718_n 1508163_10151830629529147_1041092632_n 1549276_10151830630064147_1260201911_n 1513256_10151830630039147_400895905_n 1545102_10151830630044147_1645221749_n 1512368_10151830630599147_525562067_n

Vienna was an amazing city and had treated us well.  Funnily enough, it ended in the same way that my trip from Permet had started. But this time, with me running across the train station, equipped with my backpack, souvenirs and a few breathless friends!


1505284_2241875040803_881967866_n 1524872_2241875160806_2040673178_n

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