Happy Halloween!

My first Halloween in Albania was an experience, as things usually are here. I didn’t expect to get very many trick or treaters. Surprise again. As the night wore on,  more and more kids showed up. Some had costumes and some just had plastic bags. Word seemed to spread that the “American” was giving out handfuls of candy. But really, who can say no to this face?!

Candy pleaaase?!

Candy pleaaase?!

The second group of girls that came were some kids from my neighborhood. I see them every day as I walk to work and usually stop to practice my shqip with them. When I opened the door they all lunged in to give me a group hug. Again, how can I say no to that?!


When I took one photo of the group, you could see the excitement on their faces. Photos in the American’s apartment!  We proceeded to have a little photo shoot throughout my apt.

DSC02127 DSC02128 DSC02129 DSC02130 DSC02131 DSC02132 DSC02135 DSC02134 DSC02133 DSC02136

Then came the hoards of children that I can only compare to ravaged wolves. I have never seen candy disappear from a candy bowl so fast! Of course, some mischievous little boys came to my door three times. They thought they were so clever because they switched around their costumes a little. The day after Halloween resulted in more knocks at my door. No costumes this time, just the same boys wanting more candy. Looks like I may have accidentally started a trend.

Innocent enough

Innocent enough

We want candy!!

We want candy!!



I think I may have moved into a favorites category with some of the kids in my neighborhood. I miss my nieces and nephews quite a bit, so it’s nice to have some kids to play with. However, I may have to apologize to some of the parents. I did send their kids home, giddy and hopped up on sugar. I can only imagine them busting through the door, shoving fistfuls of candy in their faces and screaming “Look what the American gave me?!”

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. What a wonderful story. I’d never be ab le to say no either. Halloween is my favoroute holiday because I love kids and this yr I had the flu so I couldn’t go to the door. I was. Very
    disappointed. BuIt there is always next yr. I’d say you need to be prepared for an avalanche next yr LOL. You don’t know me. It I am a friend of your Auntie Joyce love all the pictures of all the smiling faces. What an experience for all of u. You go girl!!

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