Confusion- Don’t forget your daily dose in Shqiperia

When it comes to fixing things in my apartment I find myself asking some key questions. Is it worth the trouble to fix it? How badly do I really need this problem resolved?! Do I want to seek out my landlord, try to speak to her in shqip, explain my problem,  and basically confuse both of us on what the issue is. Wait, remind her again, wait some more, try to fix it myself and return to speak to my landlord. A lot of things just aren’t worth the effort.

I tend to get a little frustrated

I tend to get a little frustrated

About a week ago, I went to work and talked to my coworkers about the fact that my water doesn’t warm up. We all agreed this was a problem. They took my to my landlords cafe where she agreed to send her son-in-law later that day. He came, he fiddled around with some stuff, we conversed in my broken shqip. I thought it was fixed, he left and I realized that night I would be taking another cold shower. Still broken.

Broken stuff- maybe we can just learn to live with it...

Broken stuff- maybe I can just learn to live with it…

This went on for a few days while I tried talking to other people to try and figure out what was wrong with my water heater. My coworkers husband has been such a help in fixing everything in my apartment. He tracked down an electrician, sent him to my house and we found out the whole heating element was broken. I went to talk to my landlord and told her this needs to be fixed. She said she didn’t have time. I returned home. Tried to talk to her again. Left, came to the conclusion that I may be taking cold showers for a while longer and was just about to give up. Yesterday I had a knock on my door and a guy came and spent about 4 hours monkeying around in my bathroom. He must have known what he was doing though because I took my first hot shower in my apartment last night! I have to admit that I have never appreciated warm water as much as I do now after going through the hassle of fixing that heater!

So excited!!

So excited!!

Now on to my worm problem. More specifically, wood worms, that are slowly but surely, eating my furniture. I tore my dresser apart a few days ago. Found holes that I thought could have been made by worms, sprayed some cleaning solution in them. Waited. Didn’t hear any more scratching, sprayed some more in there for good measure and felt a little wave of relief. I had finally gotten rid of those little pests.

Don't mess with my worms!

Don’t mess with me!

I tipped my dresser upright again, put the drawers back, and couldn’t wait to sleep in peace and quiet. That night I laid down and found myself listening to that damn chomping noise again.

Go to your home you annoying pests! That is not my dresser!

Your home is NOT my dresser!

All I kept thinking of is whhhhhyyyyyyy won’t they just die?! I kept coming up with ridiculous ways that I could get rid of them, including fumigating my whole dresser, burning it or slowly tearing it apart with my hammer. Too bad it’s not my piece of furniture to destroy. I ended up resorting to wearing earplugs so I could sleep and didn’t have to listen to them. That lasted for a few nights.

But now my dresser has found a new home in the hallway- at least until I figure out how to get rid of those little creatures.

Now my dresser has found a new home in the hallway- at least until I figure out how to get rid of those little creatures. I am bound and determined to kill them. Hopefully in the near future. Stay tuned.

On a brighter note, I made my first non-burnt meal of curried rice/beans/veggies in my apartment! 🙂

Small successes every day.

Lunch time!

Lunch time!

2 thoughts on “Confusion- Don’t forget your daily dose in Shqiperia

  1. Amber!! This blog made me laugh– which I know isn’t very nice to say as you are in so much frustration. You are handeling things like a champ! Regardless of whose dresser that is, if I were in your shoes that thing would have been smashed to bits with a hammer by now! Keep your chin held high; we miss you!! 🙂

  2. Your Aunt Joyce has linked this on facebook. I am enjoying reading it — I am your mother’s (and Joyce’s) first cousin.
    What a great adventure. Look forward to reading more.

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