Becoming more Shqiptar

This week has marked a few firsts for me in Albania.


Beautiful walkways in Elbasan


My group visiting the Mosque


The Mosque


Touring the church that was built in the 14th century


Jen and I


Shopping at the gabby is slowly becoming a part of my routine. Once I get a little more money saved up I plan on buying an Albanian outfit. This presents  a few challenges. A lot of the clothes at the Gabby don’t have sizes on them. Or they are in a size that we don’t recognize. If I do find the size, most of the time there is nowhere to try it on. It’s going to take some getting used to but there it is quite entertaining shifting through the mountains of clothes. You never know what you are going to find.


Shopping for clothes-Albanian style


Selling sheep, chickens, cows, and goats


This is a picture of raw meat in containers sitting out in the open. Did I mention that it was about 80-85 degrees that day. I can’t imagine how unsanitary this is.

The man that comes to town with a van full of produce now knows me by name. For those of you who know how much I love fresh fruit and vegetables, this is no surprise. I am looking forward to cherry season in a few weeks. I am also told watermelons will be here in mid summer. I am loving the produce options that are available here. It gives me another reason to be thankful for being placed in Albania!

My teachers favorite food is sheep head. Yes, you heard right, sheep head. You can buy a whole head at the market, they chop it in half for you and you take it home to cook.

Sheep head. MMMMM

Sheep head. MMMMM

Not sure how we feel about this...

Not sure how we feel about this…

She was kind enough to buy us this so we could try this Albanian “delicacy.” Our teachers also made us a traditional dish called Tave Kosi along with some pasta that was from Italy. I tried sheep brain, tongue, cheek and part of the eye.


Tave Kosi- A traditional Albanian dish that has eggs, kos(yogurt), flour, and chicken.


Who are we kidding- we will eat anything.


What do the vegetarians think?!


Deeeeelicious pasta from Italy


I have now tried cow brain and sheep eyeball within a span of 4 days.






Cutting the eyeball into pieces. More to go around since we were all jumping in our seats to try it! :)

Cutting the eyeball into pieces. More to go around since we were all jumping in our seats to try it! 🙂


Drinking the water here may not be my biggest worry for catching some sort of parasite or bug! 🙂

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