Cow brain for Supper

Last night we had cow brain and rice for supper. The brain is traditionally for the guest of honor in the home and so my grandpa wasted no time in digging into the large platter. He began cutting it into pieces and continually placed more pieces into my bowl of rice as supper drug on.

This is how I felt when I sat down and saw  a platter of meat that had the squiggly characteristics of brain matter.

All I could think of at supper was the movie Indiana Jones and this scene with monkey brain soup

After looking on the stove and seeing an entire skeleton of a cow head I knew this assumption was correct. I have said I will try anything once so I ate a few pieces. It was mushy and fatty and I don’t think brain has any nutritional value. Let’s just say it wasn’t my favorite. 

After telling my bestie in vet school about my meal of brain these were her words of advice. “You won’t die. The chances of getting prions are slim. Another thing to always remember when eating brain is rabies. I just would just respectfully decline for future brain. Prions lead to mad cow disease but like I said you probably are okay just don’t do it anymore.” Duly Noted friend. 


Never a dull moment here in Albania! 


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