First furgon to Fier

PST is going fast. It is hard to believe that we have been here almost a month. At the same time, it seems like it has been ages since I got on that plane in Fargo. We are learning language, cross cultural lessons and about the health education system constantly. Our days are packed and the inflow of information to pack into our brains seems endless. That is the joy of these ten weeks. I am taking it a day at a time.


Breaks are always welcome!


At the end of we all had the opportunity to go on a visit to a group 15er’s site. They chose for me to visit Emily in Fier. Fier is a larger city in southwestern Albania. It was the first time we were traveling outside of our sites and Elbasan so it was exciting to be given a little bit more freedom. I traveled in a small group to get to Fier and we made it without a problem. Once I have a little more Shqip under my belt I will tackle the furgon situation by myself. Until then, groups are a safer bet!

Coffee before leaving Elbasan!

Coffee before leaving Elbasan!

Stories here are always interesting...

Stories here are always interesting…

And usually funny.

And usually funny.



So excited!

So excited!

on the Bus

on the Bus



A common theme for the volunteer visits was making Mexican food the first night. I was very excited about this, Mexican food is definitely something I miss the most!


Emily, All ready to cook!


Homemade tortillas


Geena and Ivy cooking


Homemade Guacamole and salsa are some of the tastiest things out there!



The rest of the week was raining and so we all spent the day relaxing. It was such a welcome break to studying language constantly after the first couple weeks. I think our sanity is now in check again!



Waffles and ice cream before 10 am...why not :)

Waffles and ice cream before 10 am…why not 🙂


Love, love LOVE the produce here!


Coffee break


Fountain in Fier

Park with men, and men only, playing checkers/chess.

Park with men, and men only, playing checkers/chess.


Rustemi, the most amazing dessert shop I have been to.


Too many delicious things to choose from!

I went to work with Emily on Monday morning and got to meet her counterpart and some of the other health workers in her office. We all went out for coffee and chatted about Albania and Fier.



DSC00310 DSC00311

Albania has a lot of stores to shop in with plenty of fashionable clothes, accessories and everything in between. If you are looking to find a bargain though, your best bet is to buy something used at the Gabby.

50 cent sweaters...wooohoo

50 cent sweaters…wooohoo

All that shopping makes a girl hungry... Traditional Albanian meal. Always something fried. I will admit this is pretty tasty.

All that shopping makes a girl hungry…
Traditional Albanian meal. Always something fried. I will admit this is pretty tasty.

The next day we went to see the ancient Greek ruins of a city called Appollonia.


Albanians are very superstitious about warding off spirits. Notice the garlic hanging around his mirror.




Lookin’ small


Trying my statue posing skills out


Great place for a picnic

DSC00327 DSC00330 DSC00331 DSC00338 DSC00341 DSC00345 DSC00351 DSC00360

The volunteer visit was a great insight into what life will be like after PST. Having my own apartment and being able to cook and decorate is making me count down the days until I move to my site!


Fabulous weekend with new friends!

4 thoughts on “First furgon to Fier

  1. Love your posts and photos! You are inspiring so many people by sharing your adventure with us!!
    Happy Days. Keep studying:)

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