Love being an Aunt

Some of my favorite memories over the last few years involve spending time with my nieces and nephews. I have two nieces and three nephews. Kennedi is 6, Aiden is 5, Laynee is 3, Beckham is 2 and Bentlee is 1.

Kennedi is a little gymnast and she could bounce off the walls for two days straight if we let her.


I taught her how to make smores this last summer at the lake and she soon became my little shadow. She took it upon herself to be my number one fan when I was learning to water ski. Crossing her fingers AND toes wishing me good luck and hoping I didn’t fall.


The last time I was babysitting her she held up her hands, batted her eyelashes and pleaded with me to “please please please don’t go to Albania!” It’s hard to say no to a 6-year-old, but it will be fun to Skype and tell her about my life over there. She hopes they have smores haha.


Aiden will be 5 in April and is one of the cutest and funniest little boys I have ever met. I know I may be a tad biased in this opinion! He has a frank unedited opinion about almost any subject you might bring up that usually leaves you laughing after he responds.


He is my buddy and is eager to learn whatever I am doing at that moment. Over the last few months we have baked, made lefse, went to the pool, fed the ducks, colored, and exercised just to name a few.


His endless energy is usually contagious and he has volunteered to move to Albania with me.


Laynee is 3 and was born on my birthday. I can’t wait to start a tradition of celebrating our birthdays together as she gets older. I have a feeling that my brother and Kendra are going to have their hands full with her but at least they won’t have a dull moment. I love her wild personality and being the fun aunt in her life is and will be an awesome role.


Beckham is growing more and more into a little boy and leaving his baby features in the dust. I have a feeling he will be bigger than Kennedi by the time I get back.


Bentlee will soon be two and I can’t wait to hear stories about him helping his sister terrorize the house! 🙂


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