Heading into the unknown

Today I officially received my invitation to become a Community Health Educator for the Peace Corps. I started the application process well over a year ago and it seems surreal that an invitation to make this into a reality is actually here. So many thoughts raced through my mind as I contemplated what to do but in the end I knew there was no way I would ever turn down an opportunity like this. I had to remind myself exactly why I signed up for the Peace Corps and what I was hoping to gain out of this experience.

I graduated from North Dakota State University with a degree in Exercise Science in the fall of 2011. I hope to attend graduate school for physical therapy sometime in the next few years as well. But I kept telling myself before I have ties set down somewhere or with someone I wanted to branch out of the ordinary and travel. My bohemian roots have always sparked a bit of an adventurous side and I am looking forward to what I will learn about myself and the world in the next few years.

Whether I’m ready or not, my bags will be packed to leave for Albania Europe in March 2013. Less than five months to go!


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